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Elegant Birkenstock 40 Sandals

Birkenstock 40 sized sandals are perfect for adults who like extreme comfort and elegance wrapped in the same pair of sandals. With genuine leather upper and a handmade sole, these sandals are as good as it gets when style meets comfort in leather sandals. Unlike other low quality sandals these are not itchy and are very soothing to the soles as well as to the skin.

The two straps Arizona style Birkenstock 40 are amongst the most popular sandals. The classic foot bed is made of cork and leather with a branded logo print and the material of the sandals are derived from Birko Flor. The stylish Birkenstock 40 is very comfortable and the size is also taken care of. The straps closer to the toes are tighter to hold the toes tightly while the ones below are loose to allow greater movement of the heels.

The straps come in multiple colors including, blue, red and purple while the sandals are elegantly brown in color. Two things that have always made these sandals comfortable to wear are proper contoured foot beds for weight distribution and neutral heels, each of them hand stitched with utmost care. The hunter back Milano sandals cost around 120 dollars; while the Mocha colored Ramses sandals cost around 70 dollars. The straps too, come in two different designs, one running across the breadth of the sandal while the other pivoted at the top.

Birkenstock shoes come in all colors and combinations. From pink and red, they come with blue and white straps over the brown sandals and are stylish and supremely comfortable. Made in Germany, these shoes are famous for their foot beds that protect the heels and provide comfort even on long walks. There are as many as 400 models of clogs, shoes and sandals manufactured by Birkenstock.