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How to Plan Your Sales Game by Avoiding the Common Traps

Do you know why you are losing sales? Possibly, you may be hitting your ball (sales presentation) into the sand (sales) traps around the cup hole (earned commitment) and not be aware of these pitfalls? Dick Canada in his book The 24 Sales Traps and How to Avoid Them examines 24 potential obstacles keeping you from sales success.

He begins the book by simply defining a sales trap and that definition is probably worth the price of the book. Then he takes Gordon's Learning Ladder about what you think you know is really what you don't know (unconscious incompetence) to have you begin to change your behaviors. The traps are organized into Principles and laid out similar to a 6-hole golf course.

The first hole or Principle is understanding that you need to look from the outside and stop looking from the inside. In other words, you may need to do things differently because what you are currently doing is not working.

Then you move onto the people involved within the sales process, your team and individual salespersons. Some of the traps within this principle include: failure rejection, the necessity of academic studies and whether salespersons have it or do not have it.

Principle Two transition into principle Three respective to sales training. The traps within the principle range from emphasis on content (knowledge and skills) to over training beginning personal.

The fourth hole, Creating Value, has the most traps with 10 pitfalls. Focus on feedback and using the Internet are the last two principles.

At the end of the book, you will find a detailed notes section (Bibliography) as well as an Index. The book is printed in user friendly type and is very well organized. If you wish to increase sales, then this book is a good for your library of sales books.