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Is the Maxi Skirt Going to Overtake the Mini in Fall 2010?

For Fall 2010, the runways were overrun by maxi skirts. Was this a mere attempt to switch things up, or perhaps a mirror of the current economy? Does conservative spending translate into conservative fashion? Whatever the reason, mini skirts may fade away this Fall. If shoppers are willing to hide their toned calves in a maxi, how many style options will they have?

The ever daring Marc Jacobs has maxi styles ranging from a dismal gray houndstooth in heavy wool to a brilliant sequined number in bright yellow and platinum. From viewing just a few pieces in this collection, it becomes vividly clear that the maxi skirt will be worn for any occasion from job interview to charity ball. The Fall collection from Louis Vuitton (also designed by Marc Jacobs) featured an abundance of print maxi skirts. Besides playing up the bustline, Miuccia Prada too, created a mid-20th century collection using fitted (not cinched) waistlines that segues into full length, A-line skirts, which she finished with headbands.

In a more daring version, the late Alexander McQueen did have a unique fullish skirt shaped with gores mixed in with his outlandish medieval pieces. Over an armor inspired bodice, a full black skirt was placed low on the hip with a pleated waistline. Even Betsey Johnson, who usually presents with wildly colorful party dresses has a long, cream colored skirt with subtle mermaid hem.

With such a wide variety of maxi styles from so many designer personalities, it seems safe to say that the 1950s/early 1960s look will emerge, at least for the next few seasons. Could it be that we really will give up the mini skirt? If so, we will at least have a reason to cut back on massive squats and leg lifts for awhile. Perhaps it is all about this Spring economic jolt. Will we compensate for our naked bank accounts by covering up more of our bodies? Either way, you may as well tag along and watch.