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Climbing - Men's climbing shoes - Blue


CLIFFHANGER Millet International

This trad and crack climbing shoe is designed for the occasional climber and built to suit diverse terrain. The CLIFFHANGER will cope with crags, alpine routes, boulders and gyms. The most versatile c limbing shoe in the Roc Session series, it offers great value for its feature set without sacrificing comfort. The suede upper is resistant to wear, and the shoe is lined for greater comfort. Light ankle and toe pads provide excellent protection and comfort on rock. The 4POINTSGRIP™ rubber sole offers excellent grip and durability. A straight-lasted design, with MILLET's PERFORMANCE FIT™ for optimized precision, sensitivity and grip, the CLIFFHANGER is a performance package at home on all terrain.

  • Straight shape, reinforced support
  • Split-leather upper, comfortable lining, padded collar
  • Efficient symmetric closure: 3 high-tenacity velcro straps
  • Overlapping tongue with full opening down to toes
  • Reinforced tip: extra toe pad
  • Durable, sticky 4PointsGrip™ rubber

Climbing - climbing shoes - Khaki


ROCK UP Millet International

A good shoe for making progress, in the gym and outdoors. A bona fide classic, the ROCK UP has been tested and totally approved by all styles of climbers. Reassuring grip makes it ideal for honing you r sensations. This super-solid model is a blue chip: really easy to look after, and durable too. It has a roomy fit for high comfort, with a broad footbed for good support. Choose it with your eyes closed.

  • Straight shape, with wide underfoot contact zone for enhanced support
  • Split-leather upper with reinforced stitching. Reduced-weight tongue. Comfortable fit
  • Rubber-reinforced big-toe protection
  • Efficient lacing
  • Durable, sticky 4PointsGrip™ rubber