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Round Sole Shoes

For the past few years now, the latest footwear fad to hit the stores are round sole shoes. Also known as rocker bottom or round bottom shoes these shoes look like they are here to stay rather than being a passing fad.

Balancing Can Be Tricky At First

Instead of the entirety of the sole resting firmly on the ground apart from the very ends, these round sole shoes rest only on the middle part of the sole. The front and back ends are curved to such a degree that the sole looks round like an arc of a circle.

The first time you put them on you may attract a few stares and balancing in them can be a bit tricky for newbies. So what exactly are these round sole shoes and who makes them?

Pros & Cons of Round Sole Shoes

Well, proponents of these shoes purport that they help tone muscles and improve posture as you walk due to the slight destabilising effect of the sole. This means that in order to walk properly in them and maintain your balance, you have to exert a little more effort than in an ordinary pair of shoes and lesser-used muscles such as the gluteus are given an unexpected workout.

Personal testimonials and word of mouth recommendations indicate that many people have benefited from wearing these shoes on a constant basis.

On the other hand however, a significant number of specialists, podiatrists and other commentators, doubt the therapeutic claims of round bottom shoes and dismiss them as adding no real value over a good pair of standard trainers. Some even caution that they may be harmful to people with an unstable gait.

Popular Brands of Round Sole Shoes It may be a number of years yet before we know exactly what the benefits and drawbacks of these shoes are but in the meantime their popularity seems set to grow.

MBT the pioneers in this technology have been marketing them for over 10 years but funky new designs in Skechers' Shape-Ups and Reebok's EasyTone range are giving them a run for their money.

If you are planning on taking the plunge with these new style shoes, be prepared for a totally new experience. They really do change the way you walk and you would be well advised to start off slowly and use them for short periods at a time as you and your body get used to them.