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Why Shop For Christmas on the Day After Thanksgiving?

Americans subconsciously can only deal with one holiday at a time, so they move from one holiday to the next without thinking much past that. When one holiday is over, then they are ready to move onto the next, which is why the day after Thanksgiving is such a huge shopping day. But why do all your shopping on that day?

All stores know that the day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year. Consumers still make their Christmas present purchases for another 3 weeks or more, but conventional wisdom is that the largest deals to be found are on this one day.

Everyone likes to save money. If you rise early and hit all the sales, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars on gifts. Who needs a better reason than that? Another great thing about doing Christmas shopping on this day is that you could get all your shopping done in one fell swoop and sit back and relax the rest of the month until Christmas, while watching all your friends, neighbors and loved ones running around to get it all done in time.

Each person spends a lot of money every year on Christmas presents. You can save so much of your hard earned money by shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, that it only makes sense to buy on that one day. If you haven't done it before, then maybe you should give it a try this year, but beware of the toy aisle. Sweet ladies can turn very nasty if you try to get the last toy on the shelf that they want.